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157 million yuan Qipai auction house painting master Picasso

This house is located in France where Vieira, the famous painting master Picasso’s former residence, after 2 years of rest, the house will be back to the market, it is understood that the starting price set at 20 million 200 thousand euros (about 157 million yuan). Houses have been vacant for more than 30 years, in 1961, Picasso bought here property, and has been living here and work, the whole house is full of strong artistic atmosphere. Since the house was designed by Picasso personally, even though the price of the house is very expensive, it still attracts the attention of many buyers.
The house is very large, including a master bedroom and four large bedrooms. The picture shows a room in the mansion. It is very spacious and bright, and the walls in the room are also very distinctive. The mansion also has a terrace with a fireplace, a super kitchen, two cold storage areas and a wine cellar containing 5000 bottles of wine. In addition, residential facilities are very good, a 8 acre site around the main building, where the installation of sports facilities, including tennis courts, gym, spa, mansion and terrace and waterscape, it is good to hear or see.

Hongkong Su rich auction Li Keran paintings valued at 7800

“Li Keran” in 1978, a fine view of the mountain torrent streams, color paper, vertical, 171×94 cm, estimate on request
Sotheby’s Hongkong will be held on October 2nd at the Hongkong Convention and Exhibition Center held China painting autumn auction auction, the most eye-catching is the painter Li Keran’s masterpiece “a fine view of the mountain torrent streams estimate of HK $78 million,” that is Chinese Sotheby’s Hongkong auction has the highest valuation of calligraphy and painting.
This piece of 171 x 94 cm paintings by Li Keran in 1978 the creation of painting, “a fine view of the mountain torrent streams” from “Shishuoxinyu”, from the Eastern Jin Dynasty painter Gu Kaizhi described in Zhejiang Kuaiji mountains. Li Keran visited here in the last century in 50s, and has been cited as a theme for many times.
When the painting was finished, Li Keran selected the painting for a major exhibition in Tokyo at the end of 1979. In 1987, the Chinese University Hong Kong art museum is also on display this painting.
Sotheby’s China painting department director Zhang Chaoqun believes that the traditional China painting doesn’t pay much attention to the light, but in this picture, the light source, light exposure is very bright, showing the relationship between landscape and light, and the rock level change is also very subtle, overall create a photographic effect.
Autumn auction of paintings appeared during the same period also includes Fu Baoshi “Xishan night map”, “Jiang Zhaohe Xu Beihong,” a basket of spring “,” male who become powerful and intransigent Zhang Daqian “Akiyama Ramakira”, nearly 300 pieces of Chinese modern painting works.

Ancient Ru stunning Sotheby’s Autumn Auction

Hongkong Sotheby’s “Chinese art” autumn shooting will be held in October 3rd at the Hongkong Convention and Exhibition center. This season, six Chinese art auctions brought together more than 230 items, with a total valuation of more than HK $600 million. Which was undoubtedly the most remarkable from Lecong Hall of the Northern Song Dynasty Ru azure glaze wash, four only in one of the masterpieces of Ru private collection of rare, extremely rare.
Song Ruyao blue glaze sunflower wash 13.5 centimeters in diameter.
Vice chairman of Sotheby’s Asia China international art department supervisor and President Nicolas Chow said: “this season we are very pleased to present a number of outstanding China exquisite art collections, porcelain, paper, simple and elegant is included, the two dynasties of Ming and Qing imperial porcelain and crafts. Highlights of this season’s attention, is extremely rare in the Northern Song Dynasty Ru azure glaze wash. The Northern Song Dynasty porcelain is the most ancient imitation goods in Chinese, and the most prestigious, priceless. So far only four private collections from Ru, this is a more perfect product phase, this coming autumn auction, is a golden opportunity to purchase and collection.”
According to the official Hongkong Sotheby’s autumn auction schedule, the wash will board the “Lecong Qing Ning Junya Tang Cang song porcelain Cui Zhen” sessions, that perhaps not as expected as the only special. The concept of this number name, Taiwan collector Cao Xingcheng Church in Lecong has taken more outside of the Song Dynasty porcelain kiln. Two Zhang Ru published photos, the color is slightly different, believed to shoot lights caused by.

Kuang qiuyinong jade Autumn Auction show

Kuang Hongkong 2017 autumn auction will be opened at the Conrad Hong Kong Hotel on September 30th to October 2nd, will focus on China painting and calligraphy, porcelain miscellaneous, jewelry LuxeHome, Moutai wine, health tonic five categories, nearly 600 pieces of extraordinary elegant treasures, and especially introduced the western contemporary art exhibitions and private business. Among them, Hongkong Council Luxuries department was honored for jewelry collectors shows a series of rare and exquisite jade jewelry auction.
The Chinese people have a special fondness for jade since ancient times. People love jade more than gold and other jade, and they have the supreme status, so that some people call it “the king of jade, the crown of gems”. In China, the formation of jade culture is most important after the late Qianlong period. The love of jade by the Empress Dowager Ci Xi is the key to the jade culture. Since then, a long historical heritage, rich cultural heritage, makes us more love this kind of jade, think it symbolizes peace and prosperity of the meaning. In recent years, with the social and economic development, jade is no longer just the exclusive ornaments of the nobility, but into the homes of ordinary people and become the pet of buying and collecting.
The earliest jade is the name of the bird. Because it is close to the mineral color of jade, people use “Emerald” to name the jade mineral. Jade is a collection of various minerals, of which only Burma can produce precious stones of high quality. Although other countries have found jade ores, their quality and color are poor.
Not only by the Chinese people love jade, its rarity also received international recognition. The big American collector An Siyuan, one of his most love to wear a gold inlaid jade ring; in addition, the international brand of Cartire company in 2014 to HK $214 million from Hongkong auction bid a Barbara Hutton once jade bead necklace, record jade in the world auction record. The jade collection is not only a symbol of taste and wealth, but also a channel for investment and value added.
This autumn, Hongkong Council will bring a series of jewelry Luxuries rare and exquisite jade jewelry auction, the focus of the auction, including: green jade beads, a total of 33 kinds of water, and excellent transparency, surface sheen makes every jade vivid. In addition, Kuang jewelry experts also specially selected pieces of jade treasures and germplasm.
Kuang Hongkong Autumn Auction 2017 magnificent jewels Luxuries special
33 green jade bead chain
The 33 Burma natural green jade bead series, beads size of about 11~16 mm in diameter, with a diamond chain buckle Turquoise Beads
33 jade beads chain as a representative of Oriental jewelry, but also magnificent Yong rong. Jade has always been carved with “expensive”, and round crystal is superior to gem jade beauty; this necklace Cui bead are old pit I
mperial Green, color thick but not fierce, soft but not thin, smooth but not greasy, grape like crystal clear water. Generally speaking, the achievements of a fine jade beads to be cut to three times more than the chain itself had to choose, if the quality of color matches, the beads must be derived from the same piece of stone, so many precious rare material consumption.
Kuang Hongkong 2017 Autumn Auction featured auction
Oriental favorite soft, preference aura extraordinary jade. Such as Queen Josephine’s diamond crown, Empress Dowager Ci Xi’s jade hand string and other treasures, are important testimony of the historical process of the East and the west.

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